Motivational activities in the 1st grade (Belgium)

Our first grade campus (Guldensporencollege Kortrijk) moved to a new location and started some new motivational activities!

GUSCO+ = Pupils and teachers can launch an idea. If an instructor is found, some lessons are given: we started with ‘start to sew’, ‘Italian for beginners’ and ‘start to yoga’. Pupils are really motivated to take part in these activities.

LEARNING LABO = Some pupils need extra coaching. Every evening two teachers are available to help these pupils: how do I have to study? How do I have to get organised? I’m fed up with studying: Can you help me? …

FIRST LEGO League = students are challenged to think like scientists and engineers. Teams have to solve a problem. They build, test, and program an autonomous robot using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology to solve a set of missions in the Robot Game.

GAME-BASED LEARNING PLATFORMS such as Kahoot are used to motivate students during lessons.

Last but not least, new teachers are motivated through teambuilding activities.

Special thanks to Dolores Devlaminck who is keeping track of all the motivational activities in our first grade (Belgium).